Revenue Cycle Management


Revenue Cycle Management is a comprehensive process that impacts the financial aspects of patient care from start to finish.  At TYRUS Health, we will help you optimize your revenue by ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for healthcare services rendered. 

The following circle around Revenue Cycle Management: Insurance Credentialing & Provider Enrollment > Insurance Verification & Presertification > Patient Registration > OPatient Encounter & EHR > CPT & ACD10 Coding > Change Entry > Claim Submission > Payment Posting > Patient Statements/Patient Inquiries > Accounts follow up & appeals > Denial management > Reporting > Performance Improvement

Streamline Your Process from Scheduling to Reimbursement

Our process starts from the moment the patient is scheduled and does not end until full reimbursement is received.

  • We work with your staff to make sure all necessary information is received so that we can bill for your services.

  • We confirm eligibility and correct CPT, ICD10, HCPCS and modifier coding per CCI and MUE guidelines.

  • We keep our providers informed on any coding, compliance, or industry changes.

  • We submit claims timely so that your revenue is consistent. If any claims are denied, we will fight to obtain reimbursement.

  • We will follow up and work with your patients on any balances that they may owe.

  • We provide full transparency via detailed reporting so that you can see our efforts every step of the way.

Let Us Become An Extension Of Your Team…

We will provide a high level of service with the transparency, experience, and accountability that your practice, staff and patients deserve.

Benefits of RCM

two people collaborationFoster Collaboration
Revenue Cycle Manaagement plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration within healthcare organizations by promoting communication, coordination, and teamwork among various departents involved in the revenue generation process.
Illustration of a monetary cycleImprove Financial Performance
Through RCM you can optimize revenue by streamlining medical billing services, reducing claim denials, and accelerating payment collections. By efficiently managing the billing cycle, organizations can enhance cash flow and financial stability.
Illustration of a certificateEnhance Patient Satisfaction
Efficient revenue cycle management contributes to a smoother patient experience. By offering clear and accurate medical billing practices, transparent communication about costs, and timely resolution of billing inquiries you can improve your patient satisfaction and trust.
Illustration of a documentOptimize Operations
Streamline your administrative processes such as patient registration, insurance verification, and medical claims processing. Through this process you can free up resources and allow staff to focus on your patients rather than dealing with billing-related tasks.

We have identified significant inefficiencies from our clients’ previous billing team, earning them hundreds of thousands of dollars in found revenue.


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